About Life Insurance for Seniors

Life Insurance for Seniors is dedicated to helping you get clear, honest, no-biased information about your Life Insurance choices. Our goal is to help equip you with the important  information so you get the right plan at the right price. 

The Problem with the Current Status Quo  

Too many seniors today are sold products that are overpriced, incorrectly represented or are not at all suitable. This has had terrible consequences when later on their coverage does not perform as expected, expires prematurely or has escalating costs required. 

Our Mission

To help seniors make educated decisions about their Life Insurance choices while also providing the best possible products and rates.

What we can do for you

Life Insurance for Seniors is an independent agency, 100%. We strive to offer plans that fit your needs, budget and best interests. Our philosophy is that serving, educating, and demonstrating integrity are far better principals than applying high pressure sales tactics. We want to treat each senior as if they were our own family, friends or neighbors. 

5 Ways We Are Different 

  1. We specialize in Life Insurance for Seniors.  We know the health risks that seniors face, the needs so many have, and which companies can offer best rates.  
  2. We offer way more choices. Many agencies push plans that pay the highest commission or require the least amount of work. Oftentimes this will not be the best choice for you. We are 100% independent, do not have any quotas and offer hundreds of choices so you can determine what is the best fit. This can mean more work for us, but better choices for you. We offer many plans that most offices will never mention. 
  3. We have lower rates. It is true; when you have way more choices you can also offer lower rates. We have cut rates in half for some of our seniors or doubled the coverage versus an existing plan. We have done this even when a plan is several years old! 
  4. We make it easier. There is no sales pressure, obligation to purchase and you can decide how to apply when ready. If you want to do the entire process on your own you can. If you want to speak to an agent you can. If you want to avoid a medical exam you can. If you want to do a paperless application you can. You drive the process on how to pick your best plan.
  5. We won’t work with less than with an A-Grade company. We know you have been around and so we want to be sure that the insurance company you choose will too. We don’t offer plans from companies that do not have a strong financial background. 

It is not too late

While we can not change the past there is still a  good chance we can do something to help improve your future. If you feel like you’ve waited until the last inning to take care of your Life Insurance then know it is likely not too late. Even if you have a serious health issue or are well advanced in years, there is still a good chance we can help you arrange some kind of plan. 

If you have made some financial errors in life but still want to leave something behind for loved ones, pay off a mortgage, or fund college for grandkids it is likely not too late. But do know at some point the doors of opportunity will close and so the sooner we know what you are trying to accomplish the better. It is likely not too late, but being proactive is to your advantage. 

About the founder

Leland Jeppesen has been a licensed Life Insurance Agent since 2004. He also holds a bachelors in Finance from Western Washington University. He started his career in banking and mortgages before moving to a national insurance agency. Today he works independently from his office in Seattle, WA. When not working he enjoys his family, reading, road trips, and serving at his church.

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