Frequently Asked Questions

What type of insurance is this?

Permanent life insurance to last your entire life! These plans will not expire as long as your premium is being paid.

What are these plans mostly used for?
Burial, funeral, cremation expenses, paying off mortgages or just making sure loved ones receive funds
Will the price ever increase after I purchase?
Will the coverage ever expire?
No, unless you stop paying the premium.
Will the coverage ever decrease?
No, unless you borrow from the plan, accelerate the death benefit or stop paying the premium.
What if I miss a payment?

These plans do allow a grace period.

Is a medical exam required?
No, but if applying for coverage beyond $50,000 it could be required
Is this day-one coverage or is there any waiting period?
Around 80% of our seniors qualify for day-1 coverage. If you have a serious health condition than there may be a 2-year waiting period.
Is there any fee or charge for getting insurance at Life Insurance for Seniors?
Zero fees/charges
What is the advantage of getting coverage through Life Insurance for Seniors?
More More choices for you=lower rates and better plans. Decades of experience. We operate as fiduciaries to put our seniors ahead of any compensation we may make.
Will I qualify?
We can cover anyone under age 86 and some people up to age 90.
Do you work with companies that have less than an A Grade?
No. All our providers have an A Grade.
How fast does it take to be approved?
Many plans can approve you in less then 24 hours.
Will I get a physical policy in the mail?
Is the a money-back guarantee?
Yes, the plans have a 30-day money back guarantee, where you can return your plan for a full refund if not satisfied in the first 30 days.
Is there any cancellation fee?
Which insurance companies do you represent?
Many. Mutual of Omaha, American Amicable, Royal Neighbors, Protective, Gerber, Aetna, Transamerica, North American, Penn Mutual among others
Do I have to talk to someone to get covered?
Yes, since insurance is regulated we will need to briefly chat to submit your request. You can get rates on your own, but to complete your request you do need to talk to a licensed agent so we can submit your application since insurance is regulated.
How much coverage can I get?
There is no limit on how much coverage you can apply for.
Can I have more than one plan?
How can I get the lowest rates?
Book a no-obligation time with a licensed agent here to see what fits best for you
Can I get pre-approved?
You can use our health survey to find out.

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